Apr. 30th, 2011

laikalasse: (Душа и надежда)
Darksome night and shining moon
Balance of the dark and light
Hearken ye our witch's rune
As we perform our sacred rite

By earth and water, air and fire
By blade and bowl and circle round
We come to you with our desire
Let all that is hidden now be found

With censor, candle, book and sword
And ringing of the altar bell
We tie a knot within our cord
To bind our magic in a spell

Mother of the summer fields
Goddess of the silver moon
Join with us as power builds
Dance with us our witch's rune

Father of the Summer dew
Hunter of the winter snows
With open arms we welcome you
Dance with us as power grows

Dance with us a witches rune

By all the light of moon and sun
By all the might of land and sea
Chant the rune and it is done
As we will, so mote it be

© Song: Witch's Rune
Artist: S.J.Tucker
Album: Blessings

I just wanted to remind everyone that please, I love the Goddess too, but don't forget about the God, without him there is no balance in the universe. There is no Goddess without the God. Our Mother and our Father, The Lord And Lady. Give them equal respect and you will feel even more at balance. Blessed be Brothers and Sisters of mother earth. ©

1) W=Wisdom (Мудрость) 2) I=Integrity (Целостность) 3) T=Truthfulness (Правдивость) 4) C=Courage (Смелость) 5) H=Honor (Честь) 6) C=Coexistence (Терпимость) 7) R=Regel (Закон) 8) A=Accepting (Принятие) 9) F=Fun (Веселье) 10) T=Tough (Твердость) ©

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